Battle for the Limelight: An Amazing Race Fundraiser

Check out the awesome FUNdraiser we’re part of in September and pledge now to help the Freewill Shakespeare Festival prove ultimate supremacy in the Edmonton theatre community! More details HERE.


Glorious summer evening, sold out performance, after – the traffic jam slowly leaves the park. An audience member watches in awe: It’s like leaving a hockey game!

Linda Huffman, former Managing Director

The spontaneous, crackpot joy in camping out with Free Will: the unpaid chorus of shrieking ravens for Macbeth, the lame duck extra, or the squirrels who chattered their disapproval of the gory meat pie scene in Titus Andronicus.

Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

Just saw Lear for the first time ever – going back to see it again next week!  We are very lucky to have the Free Will Players here!

@smeep22003, audience member 2013

Love Shakespeare, yet I’ve never liked [A Midsummer Night's Dream].  Tonight Freewill convinced me otherwise.  Fantastic, funny and engaging! Bravo!  Go see it!

@efringer, audience member 2013


Run don’t walk!  This show is AMAZING! Actor for Lear is so excellent!

@xeryfyn, audience member 2013

4 hours later and my cheeks still hurt from laughing.  Thanks Free Will Players!

@judedeath, audience member 2013