Production Assistant (student) Posting

Job Description: Production Assistant (Student Position)

Duration: June 6 – July 19, 2016 (6 week contract)


The Production Assistant (PA) is a seasonal, entry-level position within the production team of the Freewill Shakespeare

Festival. This position is responsible for a variety of assigned tasks relating to the setup, operation and tear-down of the festival.

The PA reports directly to the Production Manager (PM) or, in their absence of the PM, the Assistant Production Manager.

 General Labour – The PA provides his/her labour as required for the needs of setup and tear-down of the Festival.

 Stagehand Duties – The PA is responsible for executing Stage-Management- assigned tracks during performances of the

Festival as well as stage turnarounds between performances.

 Other Duties – The PA is responsible for other duties as directed by the Production Manager.

The Production Assistant works to implement the goals of the company, to meet the requirements expressed by the Board of

Directors, the Management Team and the Artistic Director. To do this, they may need to engage the assistance or advice of the

 The Festival Management Team (MD, AMD, Concessions)

At all times, the Production Assistant’s time will be scheduled by the Production Manager to meet the needs of the Festival.

Typically, this amounts to approximately 40 hours per week. During the Setup and Strike Period, this may be significantly

higher due to the nature of stage work. The duration of employment is set prior to work commencing and indicated on the

Production Assistant Hiring Advice, to be signed by the employee.

The weekly rate of pay is $500.00 for a period of six weeks.

The Production Assistant is an entry-level position. As a minimum, the position requires the following:

 The person must be able to work legally in Canada

 Returning […]

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