Directed by Marianne Copithorne
A Midsummer Night’s Dream plays on odd dated evenings and all matinees.

In Athens, Hermia loves Lysander, and refuses to marry Demetrius. Duke Theseus states she must marry the man her father chooses, or be sentenced either to death, or to a nunnery. Hermia and Lysander decide to elope, and tell their friend Helena.

In love with Demetrius, Helena tells him about their plan, and they pursue Hermia and Lysander into the forest. There, the Fairy King Oberon is angered when Titania refuses to give her little ‘Changeling’ to him. Oberon orders Robin Goodfellow to find a magic flower called ‘love-in-idleness’. When applied to the eyelids, the intended victim falls in love with the first living thing they see. Oberon applies it to Titania, and orders Robin to use it on Demetrius so he’ll fall in love with Helena. Robin errs, causing both Demetrius and Lysander to fall in love with Helena, and turn against Hermia.

When amateur actors arrive to rehearse ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’, Robin transforms Nick Bottom into an ass, and Titania falls in love with him. Oberon pities her, and releases Titania from her spell. Robin reverses the spell on Bottom, unites Lysander with Hermia, and Demetrius with Helena. At dawn, the fairies disappear, and the lovers head back to Athens. Bottom joins his cast at the palace, and they perform their play for Theseus, his new bride Hippolyta, and the contented lovers.