Chair: Sue Quon
Vice Chair: Alan Humphries
Secretary: Teresa Goldie
Treasurer: Michelle Docking
Artistic Associates: Tracey Byrne, John Kirkpatrick, Troy O’Donnell
Directors at Large: Bil Chinn, Catherine Lee Jevic, Kevin Mott, Mary-Ellen Perley, Erin Will

Ex officio:
Marianne Copithorne ~ Artistic Director
Cadence Konopaki ~ Managing Director

If you are interested in joining an executive committee chaired by our Board of Directors, please inquire here.


Message to our Audience – 2014

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Freewill Shakespeare Festival’s 26th season! I’d like to thank you all for following us indoors this year to the Myer Horowitz Theatre in the Students’ Union Building at the University of Alberta. It’s been a very challenging year for us, but one we’ve met head on with enthusiasm and anticipation.  If you look back into Elizabethan history and see how many times Will Shakespeare and The Lord Chamberlain’s Men (during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I), and The King’s Men (during King James’s ascension to the throne) were displaced by fires and plagues and survived, it puts our situation into perspective this year. Shakespeare’s plays can be enjoyed anywhere as long as they are performed with intelligence and wit – and that’s exactly what we intend to continue to do.

You may be wondering, why we are indoors this year? Well with less than four months until we were set to open our Festival, we were told by the City of Edmonton that the canopy of the Heritage Amphitheatre was torn irreparably during it’s replacement and that the site would not be available to us this year. Over the next three weeks we scrambled to find a suitable new venue in order to salvage our season. After much debate and considering a multitude of factors, we decided to present our Festival at the Myer Horowitz Theatre. We plan on returning ‘home’ to the Amphitheatre in 2015.

While we are excited to explore the opportunities that an indoor traditional theatre provides us, having been displaced from our beloved home at the Hawrelak Park Heritage Amphitheatre has created some financial challenges as well. We welcome any donation you can make and encourage you to consider being part of our Goodwill for Freewill campaign. This campaign asks supporters to become monthly donors to the Festival in order to safeguard 2014 as well as create a lasting legacy for future years. For details on the Goodwill for Freewill campaign you can see page 14 in your program.

It is our great pleasure to present The Taming of the Shrew this summer, directed by yours truly. We ‘d like to welcome some new actors to the team this year, including Mary Hulbert, Patrick Lundeen, and Robert Benz, as well as new Young Company members Zvonimir Rac and Kate Quinn- Fehan. We’d also like to welcome back some of our seasoned veterans who are taking on new and different roles. Narda McCarroll takes on all of the design elements this year with the help of Hannah Matiachuk on costumes. Former Artistic Director and founder James MacDonald returns to play Petruchio, and Tiana Tolley rejoins us this year in her new role as Production Manager.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Board Members and Associates for their guidance and encouragement this year – as well as Managing Director Cadence Konopaki, Publicist Andrew Paul, Vision Design, our funding agencies, our volunteers and especially all of you for continuing to support the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. It’s our goal to try to bring a little of the outdoor fun inside with us, and leave the rain and the mosquitoes behind. So sit back, relax and enjoy The Taming of the Shrew – it’s so great to have you with us!

Marianne Copithorne

Artistic Director