Chair: Sue Quon
Vice Chair: Alan Humphries
Secretary: Erin Will
Artistic Associates: Tracey Byrne, John Kirkpatrick, Troy O’Donnell
Directors at Large: Bil Chinn, Catherine Lee Jevic, Kevin Mott, Mary-Ellen Perley, Ashley Theberge

Ex officio:
Marianne Copithorne ~ Artistic Director
Julie Haddow ~ Managing Director

If you are interested in joining an executive committee chaired by our Board of Directors, please inquire here.

Do you like numbers? Do you like financial statements and budgets? Love Shakespeare? We are searching for a treasurer/board member to work with our managing director to oversee monthly financials and annual budget. Please direct your interest or question to suequon@shaw.ca

Message to our Audience – 2015

Dear Friends,

Welcome back to the Park for our 27th season! After having to move indoors last summer, we are extremely excited to be able to return to our home and continue our regular programming under the stellar new canopy at the Hawrelak Park Heritage Amphitheatre!

We are thrilled to be working with so many new faces this year. Megan Koshka joins us as set designer, Scott Peters as lighting designer, and Hannah Matiachuk as costume designer. We’d like to welcome some new actors to the team this year, including Andrew MacDonald Smith, Farren Timoteo, and Nancy MacAlear. Ryan Parker and Ashley Wright return to us after a considerable hiatus, and our new Young Company members are Morgan Donald, Nicholas Rose and Nyssa Beairsto. We’d also like to welcome Julie Haddow, our Development Manager, and Paula Blanco Longa, our Administrative Assistant.

This summer’s productions are As You Like It, directed by yours truly, and Coriolanus, directed by Jim Guedo. Both plays share ‘banishment’ as a common theme, although those in As You Like It are betrayed by family members and are banished from court, while Coriolanus abandons his family and banishes himself from Rome. We are pleased to be able to present Coriolanus for the first time ever at the Freewill Shakespeare Festival!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Board of Directors and Associates for their energy, support and encouragement, as well as our amazing Managing Director Cadence Konopaki for her incomparable administrative savvy. Much thanks to Publicist Andrew Paul and Vision Design. Most of all I would like to express my gratitude to our funding agencies, our volunteers, patrons and audience members who continue to generously support the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. It’s because of all of you that we are back doing what we do best: presenting the Bard’s plays for your enjoyment in the Park!

Rain or shine – bring it on, Mother Nature. We couldn’t be happier to have you back as our beloved Ambience Director.

Welcome back, everybody!

Marianne Copithorne

Artistic Director