Over the past 25 years, The Freewill Shakespeare Festival has had the opportunity to work with some pretty incredible people: our volunteers. We truly appreciate their dedication, support, love and energy. We wouldn’t have come this far without them!

Join our Executive Committees

As we move into our next 25 years, the Freewill Shakespeare Festival is seeking new volunteers to sit on the executive committees chaired by our Board of Directors. Current openings include:

Fundraising Committee: The Free Will Players organize 2-3 fundraisers each year and are looking for assistance in planning them. Skills we are looking for include event management, public relations, AV/ graphic arts skills and outreach.

Corporate Sponsorship Committee: As part of our ongoing search for new sponsors we are looking for people to help us in our outreach to the business community. Volunteers would assist with contacting sponsors for donations, writing proposals to corporations for donations, and attending networking events on behalf of Free Will.

To apply, or for more information, please filling out the form below.


Become a Festival Volunteer

In 2014, the Freewill Shakespeare Festival runs from July 9 to 27th at the MYER HOROWITZ THEATRE (U of A), with shows at 8pm Tuesday thru Saturday, and matinees at 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Shifts are 6-10pm for evening shows and 12-5pm for matinee shows and  we ask for volunteers to take at least 3 shifts . Roles include ushers, concession sales, merch sales, line up patrol and ticket takers.

Applications to the 2014 Freewill Shakespeare Festival Volunteer Team are now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who applied.