Job Description: Wardrobe Assistant (Student Position)

Duration: May 21 – July 19, 2018

The Wardrobe Assistant is a seasonal student position within the production team of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. This position serves as a shop assistant during the build phase of the Festival, and as the Wardrobe Maintenance and/or Running position during the run of the Festival.

The Wardrobe Assistant reports directly to the Head of Wardrobe. During the Festival, the Wardrobe Assistant will report to the

 Education – As a student position, the Wardrobe Assistant is responsible for furthering their education in the field of Theatrical Costuming. The Assistant must take advantage of all opportunities presented in this regard.

 Shop Assistant – The Wardrobe Assistant is responsible for daily tasks in the wardrobe shop as assigned by the Head of Wardrobe.

 Wardrobe Running – The Wardrobe Assistant is the member of the running crew for the Festival responsible for the care and maintenance of all costume pieces involved with the productions as well as any necessary dressing of the cast.

 Laundry – The Wardrobe Assistant is responsible for all production-related laundry and show-mending to be done on the The Wardrobe Assistant, under the Head of Wardrobe, works to implement the designs of the Costume Designer, to meet the requirements expressed by the Director(s). To do this, they may need to engage the assistance or advice of the following people:

During the build period, the Wardrobe Assistant’s time is scheduled by the Head of Wardrobe, typically 40 hours per week. During the running period, the Wardrobe Assistant’s time is scheduled by the Stage Management Team. The duration of employment is set prior to work commencing and indicated on the Wardrobe Assistant Hiring Advice, to be signed by the employee.

The weekly rate of pay is $544.00, with personal vehicle expenses compensated at 0.45 cents/km.

The Wardrobe Assistant requires skills with a costuming background. As a minimum, the position requires the following:

 Must be returning to full-time post-secondary studies in fall 2018.

 A good working knowledge of theatrical production hierarchy and etiquette.

 Prior knowledge of costume construction and repair.

 Knowledge of laundry techniques and costume care.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position to Christy Hutchinson, Head of Wardrobe at

Resumes to be submitted by April 10, 2018.