Since 2009, The Free Will Players have been coming into elementary, junior and senior schools with their own brand of Shakespeare workshops.

From September to June, these residencies can take many forms from week long intensives, an after-school enrichment class, a classroom workshop or whatever works best for your school environment. These workshops can be a dramatic exploration of Shakespeare’s work and could even culminate in a performance by the students.

Schools are encouraged to choose the play they would like to workshop. Students will work with theatre professionals and educators to help get Shakespeare out of their heads and into their hearts by creating personal connections to the Bard’s work. This will come about by learning Shakespeare’s stories, characters, themes and text through games, music, role playing, theatre design and even stage combat.

We can put together a program that can best suit your school and budget. If your school is interested in booking a workshop or residency, please contact Annette using the form below.

Student Feedback

“I loved the instruction and how the world of Shakespeare was explored from many different views!”

“A great way to understand Shakespeare and his writing.

“Learned a lot, but not in a way that I felt pressured or unsure. A very friendly, comfortable environment to try and go beyond my limits.”

Parent Feedback

“There is no other program (drama or otherwise) that even comes close to this in terms of fun factor, educational factor, uniqueness factor and quality factor.”

“Not only is the camp a fun experience, but it is challenging the youth to explore the language, the culture and the history of Shakespeare’s time and find its relevance to today.”